Bouquet for Kelly

On Sunday, Chris and I had the pleasure of being involved in a sweet and simple tree planting ceremony to symbolize the beginning of his mother's marriage to her longtime boyfriend, Tom.  Three trees were planted, all birch trees, as a matter of fact!  Funny how they are young birch trees and this blog and business of a similar name is in a similar condition.  It was a beautiful day.

Kelly loved her bouquet, which made me so excited and happy, since it was a surprise and I did not consult her for any opinion at all!  She is originally from Kansas, where the state flower is the wild sunflower - those were a must.  Wheat is the leading cash crop of Kansas, which is also why it was included.  When Chris and I marry each other in August next year, wheat will also be in my bouquet, and I am pleased that I could tie in my bouquet with Kelly's.  It could even start a new tradition, and it makes me feel happy that I know we are becoming a family in so many ways.

The purple kale immediately caught my eye at the flower shop, and I think the purple color is a great balance to the golden yellow sunflower petals.  The mixed greens add texture, and the stems were wrapped with a chocolate brown satin ribbon for an elegant finishing touch.

Please enjoy the photos, and join me in wishing Kelly and Tom a joyful congratulations on their marriage!  They are already a fantastic model for what a loving and flexible partnership looks like.

I love the texture of the wheat so much!  It'll look great in my wedding bouquet also.

What state do you live in?  What is your state flower or cash crop, and could you use it artistically in a bouquet or arrangement?  For a list of states and their symbols, check out this link.

Love and Light,