Preview: Kelly and Tom

As my first semi-professional client, Kelly is unique in that she has no idea that she is a client!  Kelly is my fiancé's mother.  Tomorrow, she and her boyfriend of 5 years, Tom, will be getting married in a small tree-planting ceremony on their property in Elverson, Pennsylvania.  To surprise Kelly on her big day, I will be making her a beautiful bouquet.

Kelly is a really wonderful lady.  When I was thinking of what blooms she would want to carry on her special day, I thought about how unique and off-beat she is, and I wanted to reflect her personality and sensibility in her bouquet.  I think I'll be right on the money with her bouquet, if I do say so myself!

The photos below are a preview of some bouquet blooms I'll be using.  Stay tuned for photos of the completed work!

Above, purple kale.

Beautiful sunflower - great for a fall bouquet!

More purple kale amidst different greens.

Tomorrow, check back to see photos of the finished product!  I know that Kelly and Tom will have a beautiful ceremony tomorrow, even if it will be chilly.

Love and Light,