Woodland Sophistication

Branding is tough.

I'm starting from nothing.  I understand that typically, small businesses start from...nothing.  The problem is that I don't know anyone personally who has started a small business, let alone a business that is a wedding planning and styling business.  I'm learning from the internet, and some really awesome people that I've never met.

In terms of building my brand idea, I have compiled many visuals for a Pinterest board, to show the amalgamation of colors, shapes, lines, and images I want to associate with Demure Birch Designs.  A sense of sophistication, class, calm, brightness, and optimism should come across in the branding.  A touch of magic and ethereal imagery is also a theme that I want present in my branding.  I want to be able to design and coordinate any type of wedding: bold, traditional, beachy.  But I want my branding aesthetic to be personal to show what I am personally bringing to the table.

In due time I will be sharing my branding inspiration board with you lovely blogging folks, but not just yet.  Firstly, I want to add more to it to give a more complete concept to you all.  Secondly, I am having difficulty embedding pins onto the blog right now.  Give me some time to get it working and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Love and Light,