Goal Setting - January/February

January has been an extremely cold month for us residents of the Greater Philadelphia region!  I realize that it is, in fact, still winter, but I think the record-breaking 13.5 inches of snow that we've already received is enough for the season.  I do feel pretty lucky that I have access to some beautiful flowers, despite the snowy weather!

As the first monthly goals post, I've come to the decision that I'd also like to share how I've done on my goals of the month, and update you sweet readers on my goals for next month.  I've been doing Lara Casey's Powersheets goal setting since December, getting geared up to make 2014 an eventful and successful year of growth.  What better way to be accountable for my goals than to share them publicly?  I'm hoping the my monthly bouquet and goal setting is done at the end of each month, so that I can maintain some consistency in the manner in which I share my progress.  Here it is for January, and looking forward to February!

January Goals:

  • Begin a monthly bouquet series on my blog (Here it is!)
  • Post at least twice on the blog each week (I did posts on 1/1, 1/12, 1/14, 1/18, 1/20, 1/22, so I ALMOST achieved this goal.  Pretty dang close!)
  • Post twice to Instagram each week (Check out my Instagram feed to see some pretties.)
  • Drink a healthy smoothie each morning before work (Spinach, pineapple, and flax seed are pretty popular here.  This will continue every single day!)
  • Compile addresses and send save-the-dates (They're all mailed as of Friday!)
  • Purchase wedding shoes (They've arrived and are gorgeous.)
  • Find a wedding suit for Chris (This can happen in February, as long as it happens soon.  Not too time sensitive.)
All in all, not a bad month!

February Goals:
  • Find a wedding suit for Chris!
  • Enjoy a weekend jaunt to Pittsburgh to get more wedding plans taken care of.
  • Research business plans for advertising, branding, and licensing.
  • Maintain a twice per week blogging presence.
  • Comment on at least one photo per day on Instagram.
  • Ask a dear friend to officiate our wedding.
  • Nail down a rehearsal dinner venue.
I'm trying to build a presence on social media in an attempt to network and show future clients that I'm here and seriously ready for their beautiful event.  I have some exciting things in the works for my personal and professional life, and thankful for some big changes along the way.  

Do you have any big goals for the month?  For the YEAR?  I'd love to hear more.

Love and light,