Monthly Bouquet - January

I am fortunate to be able to obtain flowers from some really affordable grocery stores in the area.  Trader Joe's and Whole Foods rarely disappoint.  I obtained the white anemones from Whole Foods, and the stock and eucalyptus came from Trader Joe's (as did some really delicious chocolate croissants!).  There happens to be a farmer's market in Ardmore's Suburban Square where Argyle Bouquet is conveniently located.  They had many beautiful blooms, including some whimsical protea and orchids.  Argyle Bouquet is where I purchased the green dianthus, hypericum berries, and thistles.

Since winter is still raging outdoors and I'm not here to bore you, I was thinking that a bookstore would be an interesting location to take the bouquet on an adventure.  I'd love to style a wedding around a bookstore/library theme - I'm already imagining the check-out card place cards and the book centerpieces with some whimsical florals sprinkled throughout.  However, the cold weather outside has really deterred me from leaving my apartment, so the lobby will have to do.  It's not too shabby though!  Glad there's lots of natural light somewhere at my little home base.

The lace and leather cord wrap was a new idea for me to try, and I really like how it turned out.  The light colors in this bouquet are calm and ladylike, and the eucalyptus adds an unexpected texture, along with the thistle.  Love.

I also made a little boutonniere from some of the greens and an anemone.  Would it be too odd to wear a bout each day at work, just to have a little garden on my blouse?  I think not.

And there you have it.  January's bouquet.  I'm basically in love with it.  I wish I knew a bride that needed it today so I could see just how lovely it would look being held by someone in a wedding gown.

Love and light,