Monthly Bouquet Project

Happy Sunday to all of you sweet readers out there!

I wanted to give a little bit of information about an upcoming project that I had mentioned a while ago.  The idea comes from my desire to continually create better and more unique floral arrangements, as I grow in skill and technique in the art of floral design.  I want to improve constantly as I work, and part of that comes from having fun and playing, and trying new things.

Each month this year, I will be setting aside time on a weekend (or day off of work!) and creating a bouquet.  The idea is that each month, I have new flowers to work with.  I need to try working with flowers that I haven't yet used.  I need to set aside productive, purposeful time to try my hand at something not yet attempted.  I'll be buying local at times, but at other times, I'll be ordering from wholesalers to get a feel for blooms that cannot be found locally.

January is still open, and I have a few ideas already.  I'm also open to challenges in the comments of this post.  Is there a flower you think I should work with, during a certain month?  Tell me.

Perhaps at some point, I'll be donating or gifting the flowers to local businesses to display in their store.  This would be an awesome opportunity for me, and I'd love to brighten someone's day at the same time.  Shops or people that are interested in a free bouquet and some business cards?  Contact me!

I'm ready to learn and create.  I hope that you'll enjoy what I make.

Love and light,