New Year's Bouquet

I want to wish you all a very happy new year!  Last night, Chris and I rang in the new year by having a pajama party for two, with nature documentaries and homemade pizza.  I'm a huge homebody, so it was just perfect for the two of us.  Today, we are relaxing around the apartment together, him playing guitar and researching computer circuitry, and me working through Lara Casey's Powersheets.  I want to be ready to make changes in my life, but I do enjoy having a plan.

Yesterday, I went out and purchased some beautiful blooms to continue practicing my bouquet making skills.  I bought white roses, baby's breath, hydrangeas, limonium misty blue, and some greens, and I started bunching things together this morning.  Chris and I went to a nearby park to stroll in the cold air and to take some photos.

I love the different textures that were pushed together in this bouquet.  Texture is a major aspect of any arrangement or bouquet that I make, and I want to play more with texture in this new year.

Sometimes bouquets like to just sit and relax on rock walls.

I am learning while constructing bouquets, but I am learning from the photographs of my creations as well.  Sometimes a photograph will show us something that we did not even consider when simply looking at something.  Perspective is everything, and I can clearly see some good things along with areas to improve on when I look through the many photos we took of the bouquet.

Stay tuned for some exciting news about a monthly project that I will be starting!  I am ready for 2014 to teach me in so many ways.

Love and Light,