Flower Potluck: Amy Merrick and Kinfolk Magazine

Happy Sunday, sweethearts!

In lieu of posting a current project, I'll be keeping you in a bit of suspense.  A friend of mine just got engaged, and I have something special made for her, involving some garden roses, ranculus, silver brunia, and much more.  Stay tuned this week for some photos. 

In the mean time, I want to take you back to last year.  I was flipping through old issues of Kinfolk magazine that I have in the big stack of reading material near by bed, and I happened upon an article about hosting a flower potluck.  What is a flower potluck?  Look no farther than the photo below.

There is another article on Kinfolk's website, detailing the process of hosting a flower potluck.  You can find it here.  Amy Merrick is a huge inspiration to me in the floral design arena.  She is incredibly talented and her Instagram feed is a constant source of enchantment.  Check her out for some floral goodness.

I think I will be hosting a flower potluck in the near future.  It would do my heart well to share my love of beautiful blooms with curious friends.

Love and light,