Goal Setting - February/March

February was not my month.

Between having copious amounts of time off of work and getting my days all mixed up, and having the winter blues in a hardcore way, February was not my month.  I played with flowers a few times, and I learned lots of new things about business licenses and advertising, but I didn't DO a lot of anything.

I did make this lovely bouquet for a work friend's girlfriend though.  
Ranunculus, wax flower, and gerbera daisies.

February Goals:
  • Bouquet of the month (I sadly dropped the ball on this one.  Short month, right?)
  • Find a wedding suit for Chris! (We know where we are purchasing it, and just need to go try a few on at the store.)
  • Enjoy a weekend jaunt to Pittsburgh to get more wedding plans taken care of.
  • Research business plans for advertising, branding, and licensing.
  • Maintain a twice per week blogging presence. (This fell apart at the end of the month, but was really good for the first 2.5 weeks of February.)
  • Comment on at least one photo per day on Instagram. (I am terrible at this.  I need a better way to track doing this, since I don't have my tending checklist with me all the time.)
  • Ask a dear friend to officiate our wedding. (There is no rush on this, and it will be happening in March.)
  • Nail down a rehearsal dinner venue.

March Goals:
  • Bouquet of the month for March
  • Find Chris' wedding suit!
  • Order invitations and response cards for the wedding
  • Twice per week blogging presence.  Trying harder!
  • Create and refine core values for Demure Birch Design
  • Make Chris' 26th birthday on March 22 a wonderful day!
  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Ask a dear friend to officiate the wedding
  • Go see the movie Divergent and try not to scream/cry/explode from excitement.

Anyone else have some great goals out there, big or small?  I'd love to hear them!

Love and light,