Leave it Behind

I know you've heard that little saying.

"Less is more."

I'm writing this from a perspective of wanting more positive change in my life.  Positive in what way?  I believe that when things are organized and easy to understand or complete, then I can focus more on the things that I really want to spend time on.  That I'll have more time to make what truly matters happen.  That I can focus more on the people that I love and the things that I love to do.

I've been feeling pretty inspired recently by several people out there on the internet (who are also real life people that I may one day be fortunate enough to meet) who are living life while operating under a minimalist philosophy.  They might still have lots of clothes in their wardrobe, but perhaps they've pared down on their work obligations.  Maybe their closet was completely cleaned out, but now that they have just the basics that they need, they are able to focus more on internal things, about themselves and others, than on the external of what we usually see.

I've been whittling down my closet, getting rid of some things that I don't wear, or that really weren't my style in the first place.  I've been saying "NO" to more obligations that I can take on, in work and in my personal life.  These changes have been small, but I've felt more free now than I have in a long time.  I think that focusing on what matters most, and constantly reminding myself of what that really is, has made me more conscientious of the words that I'm saying, the interactions I am purposefully making, and the actions that I take and others notice.

Fortunately, my kind fiancé Chris is, by his very utilitarian and practical nature, a minimalist in his own regard.  It's nice to find some company in even minor lifestyle changes.  Take a look at the links below for some more information and inspiration, from people who encourage me to be more focused and have less clutter: mentally and physically.

I've never been a person who shares a lot about clothing or style, but I truly believe that simplification can make life easier, and if I can always like how I'm dressed, all the better!  For some reason, when I was a bit younger, I think I was resigned to thinking that even if I didn't like something in my closet, I had to continue to wear it.  It sounds really simple, but making definitive decisions in a closet is not a daunting task - but it really was for some time!  I've been gradually cutting down and refining, and I feel more me than ever before.  That's a huge step in my growth, and in my happiness.

It is also crucial for my personal style, image, and voice to be consistent throughout my brand and my life.  There's a lot of spill-over from career to personal life, but when can make image seamless across the board, my personality and my personal aesthetic can influence my business in a very positive way, and vice-versa.

Feeling like myself in my current job is something that I really truly struggle with.  I feel like I go to work and have a face there, and I come home and have a different face here.  It's not even truly the face that I'm talking about - it's the clothes, the mannerisms, the conversation, the tone, the everything and anything that makes me myself.  This is something that is a great source of stress for me, and I am working on changing the tone and the circumstances.  But change is slow and small, so for now, this is where I start.

Love and light,