Goal Setting: April/May

What a busy month.  I feel like I didn't work a day in April at my day job, since I was away so frequently for workshops and other learning.  But what a productive month it was.  We just finished our state testing at my school, and let me tell you something.

State mandated standardized testing takes a toll on teachers too.  It's so frustrating to not be allowed to pronounce words for my students who speak Spanish at home, and only English at school.  It's frustrating that we're not allowed to drink water while proctoring tests for 3 hours at a time.  It's frustrating when I can't ask students to reconsider answers that I know and can obviously see are incorrect, but could be corrected with a little pushing.  And it's also just plain boring.  Not allowed to read or write, or really do anything while the kids are testing.  Which means, I must walk in a continuous circle (since we aren't permitted to sit) for the entire testing time.  Blegh.

But it's over.  And it's May!  Glorious.

Let's recap.

April Goals:
  • Craft and refine what exactly my client experience will include for multiple packages (This is a huge work in progress!)
  • Find jewelry for my bridesmaid gifts (Proving to be challenging.  Any recommendations, ladies?)
  • Help Chris to choose a tie for the wedding, also as a gift to the groomsmen
  • Take invitations to the post office to weigh them, and buy stamps
  • Apply to an interim job for the summer season I'll be volunteering somewhere awesome!  More on this soon!
  • April's bouquet of the month (This didn't happen.  But I did play with a ton of flowers.)
  • Enjoy the Trouvaille Workshop with all that Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events has to offer!
  • Recap MTH and Trouvaille on the blog MTH: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  Trouvaille: Part 1.  More on Trouvaille will be headed to the blog soon!
Some wonderful MTH photos below were posted to our Facebook group.  Aren't they lovely?  The awesome conference photographer, Robin Van Dyke Photography, did an excellent job!  Their team was hustling the entire two days to get some great images of all the happenings going around at The Carolina Inn.

There I am, writing some really personal info on a whiteboard for all attendees to see.  
But it was so good and necessary.

My breakout group, led by Amber Houseley and Karen Stott, pictured above.

Karen, leading us in the important work of the conference.

All of us together on a sunny North Carolina afternoon!

Onward to May!

May Goals:
  • Apply for an EIN in order to obtain access to wholesale florist
  • Bridesmaid jewelry questing
  • Bouquet of the month for May
  • Remember to relax as the academic year winds down.  Don't get crazy stressed out.
  • Enjoy and learn from my upcoming floral design workshop at Longwood Gardens
  • Mail invitations to wedding guests
  • Decide on gifts for our parents for the wedding
  • Work with our sweet friend who is officiating to craft our ceremony
  • Begin drafting wedding vows with Chris!
May is going to be a sweet, sweet month.  More sunshine, more outdoors time, more wedding excitement, and more iced coffee and flowers!  I can't be stressed in a world with all that.  And my cat.