Prompted by sweet Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events, attendees of the Trouvaille Workshop were instructed to think of three words that describe our businesses.  These three words are constantly up for revision, and subject to change based on changes that naturally occur while running a business.

Words have power.  These words should reflect you and the things that make you you.  Words that reflect your branding, what sets you apart from others in the industry.  Words that can be associated with you in all that you do.  I feel like it was really challenging to come up with three words, and I know that I am not alone in this feeling!  But I do love a challenge that makes me think.  If words have power and great weight to them, you shouldn't just pick the first word that comes to mind.  Revise it.  "Pretty" isn't going to set you apart.  "Classy" isn't going to set you apart.  Pick a $10 word and not a ten-cent word.

This is about the fifth draft of my words, and I am still not sure whether or not I am getting them right.  I do like them, but the beauty of it all is that I can change them.  I am in control and the changes that I make reflect who I am and what my ideal clients are looking for.

I am extremely judicious in determining the details of any element of an event.
The event and the details are a holistic reflection of the couple.

I prefer deep conversations to small talk.
I am invested in understanding my couples, their history, and their desires for their future.
I want to invest deeply in the first day of your married history.

There will be a sense of completion to your vision for your wedding day 
across the ceremony, florals, attire, atmosphere, and all other elements.
No stone will be left unturned, and I will plan to circumvent any issue on your behalf.

These three words were not the first three that I thought of!  I literally wrote and wrote in my notebook to brainstorm any three words, and then through lots of angry pen scratches, thesaurus consultations, and talking out loud, they were the last ones standing.

What are your three words?

Love and light,