Piling it Up

I used to think that talking about fashion, clothing, and beauty was such a trivial thing.  That I would be viewed as someone who was vain, or otherwise incapable of an intelligent thought.  How times have changed.  First of all, who cares what anyone else thinks.  Seriously.

Second of all, it really is important for me to think of myself as someone who is attractive and worthy.  Worthy of what?  Well, I think I'm worthy of a positive self-image, and if that means reconsidering the items I wear and the style I have, then so be it.

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Back to getting un-fancy.  I spoke briefly in this post about my discovery of capsule wardrobes, and my journey into simplification.  In beginning to think about my capsule wardrobe, I found that I pretty much already fell into a pitfall surrounding the "rules" of a capsule wardrobe before I really even started.  The issue was that many of my articles of clothing are multi-season items.  J.Crew tee shirts are a prime example of that.  As are my blue jeans, and several dresses and skirts.  Blouses can be layered underneath heavier items, so I was really in a bind when it came to being able to effectively separate my clothing into capsules for different seasons.

Another issue of living in Pennsylvania, especially in the past six months, is that seasonal temperatures can be wildly unpredictable, AND some seasons last for six months.  Especially for us gals who are always cold.

What was I to do?

I changed the rules!  They weren't working for me.  I can't have four different capsules, to change out every three months.  If each capsule had a maximum number of 33 items, that means that without any overlap at all, there would be about 132 items I'd have to think about.  That is way too many!  Personally, I didn't think that I could really handle that.  Too much to worry about.

So I cleaned out.  Anything that I hadn't worn in 4 months, anything I didn't love, and anything that was no longer my style, was donated or given away to a friend.

I'll be talking about what stayed in my wardrobe, and also how I've separated things into "capsules" that make more sense for my life.  Until then, check out this post for more inspiration.

Love and light,