Red Charm Peony Love

Before I go into the details of one of my most recent creations, I need to just tell you all that gardening and working outside is good for the soul.  Yesterday was my first day volunteering at a local flower farm, and while I did get to harvest (bunches upon bunches) of forget-me-not, I also helped to prep two huge planting beds.  That is hard work, guys!  My body is feeling it today.  But, I did get paid in flowers for volunteering!  I honestly did not expect any type of compensation, because that's basically the idea behind being a volunteer.  But snapdragons, Queen Anne's lace, and feverfew will be fine any time with me.  

Onto some floral gorgeousness!  I suppose we can call this the Bouquet of the Month for June.  I know I said that the monthly bouquet series was kind of over.  I just happened to make this in June.  So either way, here it is!  

We have Italian ruscus, red charm peonies, spray roses, and scabiosa pods.

Initially, I had made the bouquet with maidenhair fern also.  The maidenhair fern is so beautiful - delicate and feminine, and it falls in such a pretty way.  However, it is a pain to keep alive in any type of heat or sunlight!  The image below was one of the first ones I took of the bouquet, but then decided to take the fern out.  I think I like it without the maidenhair more, but it's pretty both ways.  What do you think?

This is one of my favorite bouquets to date.  Those red charm peonies are too lovely.  I just want a huge armful of them so I can hug them and smell them.  That's not weird at all - we're talking about peonies here!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!  What type of peony do you like better: the sought-after coral charm, or the red charm?  Maybe neither: light pink, dark pink, or white?  

I think I'll just take 'em all.

Love and light,