Style Concept Part 1: Mood Board

This is Part 1 of a seven part series from Into-Mind, where we explore how to craft a style concept.

After following Caroline for months on her style journey with capsule wardrobes, I looked through her list of recommended reading regarding fashion and wardrobe.  Within her list of recommendations was the blog Into-Mind, written by Anushka Rees.  Immediately, I was hooked on her blog, with its concise and relatable writing and simple instructions for crafting a more authentic wardrobe.  

As a mini blog series, I'll be working through her seven part style concept.  What is a style concept?  Regarding the importance of a style concept, Anushka states

A good style concept represents your individual personal style and your aesthetic preferences. It is a summary of all of the different elements you want to base your style on, woven into one coherent story line. Creating a style concept is the best way to really become aware of your exact likes and turn a mish mash of individual ideas into a refined personal style that expresses your aesthetic ideals 100%.

There you have it.  And I love it.

Part 1: Mini Mood Board

"Mini" as in "not the entire Pinterest board that you've pinned images to for the past two years of cute clothes."  We're talking about the only three pictures type of mini.  Refining and being deliberate about what you are choosing forces you to think harder about how you wish to be represented.  And the beauty is that it can change!  For now, my mini mood board is represented by the three images below.  If you'd like to see the entire pool of images I chose from, you can find my personal style board here.

Image credit here.

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Link in the comments to your own journey in this series!  I'd love to see what you all are thinking and doing.  

Love and light,