Style Concept Part 2: Elements

This is Part 2 of a seven part series from Into-Mind, where we explore how to craft a style concept.

Elements are specific ideas, pieces, themes, combinations, fits, and anything else that can be included or used to describe a style.  A list of 20 or so elements is a good idea, because though it may be hard to get started, and then after getting an abundance of elements written down, you can dig deeper and really flesh out what you want to include.  My elements are listed below.

classic elements
full skirts
well-constructed shoes
bold glasses
dark brown hair
minimal makeup
leopard details
straight leg pants
dark denim
menswear inspired pieces
statement watch
cotton tee shirts
stud earrings
manicured nails

Coming up with this list involved a brain dump of elements onto a Moleskine notebook page, and then a selection process of crossing things out, circling others, and revising my words.  The beauty of a style concept is that it can change by season (weather-wise and life-wise).

Link in the comments to your list!  I'd love to see what everyone is coming up with.

Love and light,