Trouvaille Workshop Photo Recap 3

Well, here it is!  The final round of photo recaps from Rhi's beatific Trouvaille Workshop!  All credit goes to the warm-hearted duo of Sam and Brad of Bradley James Photography.  

Alicia Rico of Bows and Arrows Flowers getting very serious about some serious and solemn flower basics.  :)

I'm pretty serious about protea, stock, and ferns.  

And I am tremendously appreciative of the pretty head shots that were taken of us.  I've never really had such photos taken of me, unless you count senior pictures from high school.  But these are much better, in my opinion.  

They might be better because they include flowers.

The above photo might be my favorite head shot.  What do you all think?

And for good measure, a silly picture of attendees and several other pros!

Love and light,


P.S. Photo recaps can be found here: 1 and 2