Wade Through the Water

It is morning, and my name is confusion.

In the past week, working at my full-time job as a middle school teacher, I have been closing out for the year.  The last day with students is Tuesday, and so far, I've taken all of my classroom materials home, cleared off my work computer's desktop, and lots of other clerical tasks to be set for the end of the year.  The transitionary period at the end of the school year has always set me up to be reflective.  Change is coming, or at least it already was.  Change is, really, already here.

As I've attended several wonderful classes and workshops this year, I've been constantly pushed to think about my place in the event and design world.  Determining where I lie in that realm is a struggle.  I am a great planner and coordinator, due to my Type A nature with a lot of flexibility thrown into the mix.

I'm also a diligent student, learning how to become the best flower-wrangler I can be.  I love floral design.  I get so pumped up to see unprocessed blooms in buckets.  I love the tools, I love the smell of greens, and I feel rewarded by creating something beautiful and appealing.

How many hats can one girl wear?

Thinking about where to draw the lines, and where to settle myself in the wedding world is a real challenge, but I think I'm reluctant to make a decision that might limit me.  Putting yourself into a box as someone who strictly does calligraphy, or planning, or florals, or whatever seems scary to me mostly because I see many people out there doing it all.  At least, that's what their information says on their website, and that's what social media would have me believe.  How can anyone compete with someone who is doing it all?  Viewing such things through a lens of caution is important, and something I must remind myself to do daily.  I read somewhere out there, to not compare my life to someone's highlight reel.  There's a lot of truth in that.

I need to place myself where my passion is, and where my happiness is.  I want to settle comfortably in that place, growing and refining and absorbing as much from others as possible.  I am under construction but in this time of change, the construction crew can work faster, with one less distraction.

Where am I the happiest?

Photo credit to Bradley James Photography.

Love and light,