Goal Setting: June/July

My days of late have looked pretty much like this:

The horse above is named Lark, and he's my mom's new baby.
He has the sweetest, softest nose.

Ducks at the farm where I'm volunteering.  
They splash around in the water while I get to plant seedlings and harvest flowers.

Other than those things, I've been socializing our first cat, Clover, with a new cat, China.  It sounds easier than it really is, believe me.  Those of you who have multiple cats that are unrelated know what I'm talking about.

I've also been working on final wedding details, some with Chris and some without him.  We've divided some of the tasks, to better use our individual skills, which has been a good move so far.  But for the marriage license, we both were required to be present for paperwork.  It only took 30 minutes, after finding the right door to go into!  City Hall in Philadelphia is undergoing some major construction, and it just happens to have about 57 different entrances.  Most of which are not the one you want for obtaining a marriage license.  If you're getting a marriage license in Philadelphia, I can help you out now.

Let's review:

June Goals:
  • Bridesmaid jewelry and groomsmen tie selection
  • Parent gifts for wedding (This is tough!  Suggestions please!)
  • Vow writing and ceremony drafting (Work in progress...)
  • Organize our hall closet and get rid of anything that is just taking up space
  • Organize teacher things once they're all brought home from work
  • Donate large bag of clothing that has been sorted out of closet
  • Final wedding dress fitting!
  • Decide on a hairstyle for the wedding (I have an idea of what I want, we'll see if it's possible at the trial run mid-July!)
  • (Plus a million other small wedding details.)
And the seventh month!

  • Final rehearsal dinner selections
  • Pick up dress from gown shop
  • Decide on a nail polish color for the wedding
  • Post once per day for Amber Housley's Instagram challenge
  • Work on improving cat socialization between our new cat and previous cat
  • Visit Longwood Gardens at least twice
  • Continue to keep blogging regularly!  I'm enjoying it a lot.
  • Determine specific short and long-term goals for floristry.
What about you all?

Love and light,