Style Concept Part 3: Color Palette

This is Part 3 of a seven part series from Into-Mind, where we explore how to craft a style concept.

After following the instructions for creating my color palette from Anushka's wonderful how-to guide, I was left with lots of random colors to choose from.  All of the colors were pulled from images on my inspiration board, which was modeled after my current wardrobe (with some really dreamy pieces thrown in for good measure).

Using a color finding tool on this website was extremely helpful. Take a look at my assorted colors below.  Then, I'll show you how I separated them into an organized hierarchy.

There are 12 different colors up there.  That's a lot to choose from and process!  So I looked through my wardrobe first, to see which colors show up the most in there.  Then, I separated the colors into three groups: main, neutral, and accent colors.  I also eliminated colors that didn't fit with the rest, or were too similar to list twice.  Efficiency, people.  Twelve seemed like too many, so I cut it down.

Main Colors

These are the key ingredients in the wardrobe.  They dominate my closet and are what I feel most comfortable in.  They're my default.

Neutral Colors

Used to support and balance out the main and accent colors.  The light blue is a variation of the darker blue above, and a light tan or beige can help blend other similar tones together.

Accent Colors

While they are included in the wardrobe, they don't play a main role.  Best used in small doses, or in combinations with main and neutral colors.  Additionally, green can sometimes be found in clothing that is also blue, so it's a good blending color as well.  The green on the bottom is more of a lighter, mossy shade of green, which I think lends itself well to blending in with tans and browns.

Nine colors left standing!  This is just a starting guide for me.  There is always wiggle room to add in or subtract a color if I want to.  However, you're probably not going to see me throwing in hot pink or bright yellow any time soon.  Just as some people don't feel "right" in black or grey, wild colors are not for me.  If bright violet is you, then rock it.

What is your color palette?  Share in the comments below, or link to your own blog post.  I'd love to see what other people are doing with this and their closets.  Get ready to see Part 4 of the series soon!

Love and light,