Currently, 9.8.14

A flower delivery from work the other week.  So much wonderful.

thinking:  What am I going to do today?  Having Mondays off of work is strange.  But for now, I like it.

drinking:  Freshly brewed coffee, made with our fancy Chemex.  Also water.  Always water.

reading:  I just finished A Dance with Dragons and Me Before You.  I think that the former was the best book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, and that the latter was a wonderful account of respecting the difficult choices that other people make.

wanting: Another slice of the pecan pie that I just ate for breakfast.  But, perhaps something more nutritious would be better.  There'll always be pie later.

looking:  At wedding pictures!  It is just so much fun to look back and see what a glorious day it was.

liking:  The possibility of today.  I could do anything!  I do know that I'll be going to the store to possibly exchange a pair of shoes for a bigger size.  Other than that, I could do anything I want.

anticipating:  How a yoga class today might be.  I'm thinking of going because my back has been acting up, and some stretching might help.  Scoliosis can be really annoying sometimes.

wondering:  Where all the lifestyle and home publications are that talk about studio apartments, dim brown carpet, and the plight of only having one window (that faces a parking lot).  So much for the gorgeous natural sunlight that everyone else in the world seems to be getting!  It is interesting examining where you live and how you live there.  

learning:  Pretty things sell.

loving:  Our kitchen full of food.  I am so thankful and happy every time we come back from the grocery store, with the ability to fill our fridge and cupboards with good, healthy food that we enjoy together.  I never want to take our privilege here for granted.  

hoping:  That I can eventually decide on how to spend an Etsy gift card that a sweet friend gave us at our wedding.  Chris gave me the go-ahead to spend it on something, but I still can't decide.

noticing:  Lots of people buy houses while engaged or right after getting married.  Who can afford that?!  Seriously.

feeling:  Content.

Love and light,