Ten Things I Never Want to Do

The lily pads at Longwood Gardens are amazing and wondrous.

Ten Things I Never Want to Do

1) Complain about house renovations/changes/expenses.  When Chris and I are fortunate enough to purchase a house and land, we'll be among those who are lucky enough to purchase a home.  That in itself is a huge dream for us.  The fact that other folks complain relentlessly about home renovations and how irritating those upgrades are does not change the fact that they are incredibly lucky to have said home to renovate and make their own.  We will never be so ungrateful.  That construction dust is truly a lucky thing.

2) Wear white pants.  They just aren't for me.

3) Have minor surgery at the podiatrist again.  Most painful thing I've ever experienced.  However, he was an excellent podiatrist.  If you need a recommendation, I have the hook up.

4) Forget to buy toilet paper.  

5)  Be involved in a car accident.  They seem preventable, for the most part.  This isn't always the case, but this is the reason why I am a careful and attentive driver.

6)  Take what I have for granted.  This includes clean drinking water, my pets, my husband, and my family and friends. 

7)  Opt out of renewing my AAA membership.

8)  Forget that I am a person of value.

9)  Pass up the chance to hold a baby.

10)  Pass up the chance to eat another slice of pecan pie.  Or another cookie.  Or any homemade thing.

Love and light,