The Making Things Happen Experience: Applying What I Learned in Chapel Hill to the Now

If you'd like to read my MTH recaps, look no further.

If we look at the image above, the due date for registration has already passed.  Yet, I still posted the picture.  I'd also like to point out that the conference is sold out already.  So why did I use that image?

I'm not so sure, really.  When I see the above image, I think back to the distinctive branding that is used to market the conference, and it just kind of clicks.  

I attended Making Things Happen in April.  It's September now, so that was 5 months ago.  Almost half a year, and yet I can still remember it all perfectly (or as well as our imperfect human memory will allow me to think).  And through the challenges and trials that the conference presented, I loved every minute of it.  I am changed because of it.  And I have learned a great deal through it and afterwards.  

It's easier if you just attend, rather than to have me explain it.  Ask anyone else who has attended, and 90% of the time, they'll say the same thing.  I'm not just being tight-lipped.

Because of the work that I did at this conference and the changes I've made in my life because of it, I wanted to share some things that I've learned or found to be true.  If you've previously attended Making Things Happen, you might have some input into my thoughts that resonates with your experience, or you may have a different list entirely.

  • Encouragement is sometimes all it takes for a person to jumpstart the change to their life, or continue on the path to change that they've already started.  
  • Living out and talking about the things that you are doing and changing inspires others to do the same, and to simultaneously root you on.
  • Networking is a benefit to small business owners.  However, if you are outwardly quiet or introverted, this can be a huge obstacle and even possibly make you feel like you don't belong. Find those other introverts.  They exist.
  • Re-evaluating your core and your purpose is essential to moving forward in life.  Your core is why you do the things that you do, and while it can be challenging to truly flesh out, it makes decisions easier to make.

Do any past attendees out there have any additional thoughts?  Everyone has a different experience at MTH, so I'd love to talk about this, and hear what other people are experiencing.  

I'm also realizing that I've changed a lot since April, and that it's a good idea to check in with how I'm really doing and feeling about life.  This includes re-evaluating my core and my mission in life.  Some people might get freaked out thinking about such big life things, but I actually really enjoy it.  It's hard to turn my mind off most of the time, so in this venture, I'll just be focusing the thinking more steadily.

I'll let you know what I figure out.

Love and light,