Why Being Unapologetic is Actually a Really Good Thing

First and foremost, the title of this blog post makes me sound really rude, right?  The context of this post will clarify what I actually mean by "unapologetic."  I do not mean being mean and rude to others and not atoning and apologizing for your actions.  I mean being unapologetic in the sense that you value what you are doing as a business owner and a professional.

I recently read an article on the Flirty Fleurs blog that was a question and answer post polling readers about their shop locations.  The person inquiring about shop locations had a studio based out of her home, where she created her designs and dealt with the day to day work in her business.  Her problem was that potential clients and other folks that she knew generally regarded her home studio as something subpar to a storefront or a dedicated floral only space.

Folks who answered her question met her frustration with support and motivation.  They told her to not apologize for doing business and design the way she does it, and to show others that her work was valuable by treating it as valuable herself.

Can I just say how awesome it was to read that on a blog for florists and floral designers?!

Small urn arrangement for a weekly shop client.

Sometimes, I feel like there will never be a time where I have a dedicated floral space for me, just me, in my world.  Yes, I work at a flower shop, but I am not the proprietor.  I am an employee - which is an amazing thing in itself!  But my personal space for floral design is at the studio apartment I share with my husband and our two cats.

That doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for floral amazingness and success in my own business ventures.

But why not?

A tray of cocktail table arrangements in antiqued julep cups.

I will do wonderful work for clients in any space that I am located.  It is a duty to your customer, someone who is putting confidence in YOU, to do beautiful work of a high quality.

But it is a duty to myself to value what I do, regardless of where I am at.  

Having a floral design studio is a dream of mine.  Maybe a shop one day.  I don't know yet.  But, I do know that having those things does not happen overnight.  I often her people talking about seasons of waiting in their lives.  I'm not quite sure if I'm actively waiting for a studio.  I'm not sure if I'm actively waiting for many clients right now either, though I would welcome them gladly!  I think I'm in a season of learning and honing skills, but I am there gladly.

So, I will not apologize for the season I am in.  I will not apologize for using my kitchen counter as my flower space.  And I will not apologize for changing my life to learn from the best.  The people who would require an apology are not on my team anyway.

Who wants to join the unapologetic team?  We might need to get shirts.

Love and light,