Favorite Wedding Photos

As a gratuitous posting on a Friday, I give you my favorite wedding images from our wonderful day.

We've also been married for two months now, which makes this pretty appropriate.

I know that most bloggers do some sort of series of wedding images categorically, but I kind of fell out of habit on that.  So, here are the best ones of the 902 images that we received back.  All photo credit goes to hot metal studio.  They are amazing.  Astounding.  Hire them for your day of celebration.  You will not regret it.

The above photo was taken during the first look.  It was such a fun part of our day.

I can't get over my bouquet.  Amazingly gorgeous.  
I think I may love our wedding florals even more than my gown.

Our venue was so beautiful.  It was the only place we even looked at.  We just kind of shrugged after our tour and figured that we couldn't do any better, because it was perfect for us.

Our toasting flutes were Chris' pick for the wedding.  
I think they went with the decor of the venue so well.  Chris hardly ever likes such fancy things!

I made the place cards above, and they turned out so well!  The lavender smelled great, too.

He's adorable.  Smelling the roses is important business.

We do crying and cuteness really well here.

Can we just marvel at our arbor for a moment?  And those roses?  Gah.

We made our own hand fasting cords for our wedding.  
They are beautiful and I am so grateful for this photo of them.

The dessert table.  Oh yeah.

Who else out there took their shoes off at some point on their wedding day?
But I can't wait to wear them again.

Love and light,