Finding the Right Ones

This past week at the flower shop, we've had some really great clients come in for meetings.  It's always interesting to see how clients find us, and what they found that they like.  And it's also interesting to see what knowledge they bring to the table about flowers, and how interested they are in making their florals amazing.

We've recently had two or three clients that just stand out amazingly.  Just really excellent at communication (amongst themselves and with us), knowledge and interest in flowers and sourcing seasonally, and a general flexibility and trust that we're going to take care of their needs for their weddings.  It also doesn't hurt that they're adorable and tremendously in love, with the sweetest stories and dispositions.  It's a little bit sickening.  And it's hugely inspiring.

Just last weekend, I wrote my first proposal for a client, to just show my boss, to compare to the one she was writing.  To see how I do, since I look at all of them and reference them constantly during wedding season.  I kind of love writing proposals - it's a throwback to the days of writing lesson plans that never were looked at.  But in this situation, the proposals actually do get looked at, edited, and referenced a lot.  And that's a step up for me.

I just wanted to post a little bit about how awesome those clients are, even though they won't see the words.  It fires me up to think that we're not going to be stuck doing yet another mason-jar-peach-blush-cream-rustic-elegant wedding, for the umpteenth time.  There's nothing wrong with those weddings, but change and variety can be refreshing.  These couples and clients are making me so excited about possibilities out there, and it's seemingly a rare thing to be inspired by your clients.

Making flowers for any client can be inspiring or routine.  It can be just simply giving the client what they want, without a ton of soul.  Still pretty, still something nice to look at, but nothing that really fires up my heart.  But to be sparked by a client - motivated to make their awesome, personal vision come alive, because they thought of something that could be magical.  That's the hope I have for myself as I grow, and for other designers as they grow.

My friend and colleague, Dan of Floradelphia had something similar to say about being inspired and excited about his work, on his blog here.  Check out his words!  I really enjoyed reading them, and his thoughts really resonated with me.  Having a wedding speak to who the couple truly is - to have the decor and space and general atmosphere become a reflection of the couple.  I think a large part of being able to do this involves enthusiasm and inspiration.  What do you all think?  And how awesome is it, when you can truly be inspired?

Love and light,