I Need to Stop Myself from Buying More Seeds (So I'm Posting to the Blog Instead)

Good morning to you all on this grey Monday.  Yesterday, I described Sunday as grey.  A lot has been happening here, and I've been terrible at posting for a long while.  Chalk it up to being busy, or even simply not wanting to share, but for better or worse, I'm back at least for today.

Things at the flower shop have been going really well.  I've been able to grow more as a designer, and have recently been completing more complex orders independently.  I've also been honing my skills at funeral flowers of late.  Last weekend, we had several funeral orders, a baby shower order, and a wedding order.  I think that they all make me appreciate one another - the work was different for each, but it's kind of nice to be reminded that there's a life cycle, a schedule for things.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Lovesick Expo as a vendor with my boss.  She chose me to go with her since I will be taking on more wedding work this year.  I'll be independently meeting with the engaged, learning about pricing out proposals, and all of the nuts and bolts that go with wedding preparation.  

Do you remember this post from last year?  I am really just thrilled with the progress I've made.  My work has improved SO MUCH since last year.  It's good to be reflective and really see what I've learned and how that has influenced my work.  It's also just really good to see that I am growing as a professional.  Attending a wedding expo is a great way to really see what people are looking for out there.  It also gave me some practice with talking to prospective clients, and my throat paid the price by the end of the four hour expo.  It was a quiet evening at home, but that's the norm here and just fine by me.

This all isn't to say that things have been perfect and easy around here.  But for the most part, things have been wonderful.  And I'm really thankful for that.

In other news, my wonderfully accommodating husband will be helping me with a huge flower garden this year.

I never thought I'd be growing flowers.  Playing in dirt is never something that I've liked.  But I'll really do just about anything if it means that I can have my own flowers.  I think it also comes with just wanting to have an entire bunch of flowers that are mine and mine alone, to hug.  It's a really interesting reaction, if you're lucky enough to see me, when we get a particularly wonderful bunch of flowers in at the shop.  I'll make some silly noises, possibly stomp my feet. maybe jump around, and just kind of hold them like they're an infant, requiring all my attention and adoration.

So hopefully, I'll be doing that in the privacy of a garden, with handfuls of lisianthus, sweet peas, and tons of other blooms this summer.  If things actually do grow (and I'm terrified that nothing will grow at all), you can ask to come help cut the flowers.  We'll probably need the help, and you'll get some free flowers.  Win-win.

Love and light,