On Going for It

I've been having a lot of thoughts about the flower business recently.  Not on any one track in particular, but that's the consequence of not being able to turn off my brain.

I've also been thinking a lot about our flower farm.  It doesn't have a name yet, so I'll be taking creative ideas from anyone who feels compelled to offer one.  Growing flowers is a way for me to have tons of flowers to mess around with.  They'll be all mine, which means that I can do anything with them.  Working at a flower shop does afford me the opportunity to work with some really pretty things, but they're not mine.  And I'm also subject to the budget and general desire of the client whenever I make something.  It's really fantastic when someone sending flowers just says "designer's choice" for the arrangement, but that doesn't happen every day.

Every day on our flower farm (does it even constitute being called a farm yet?),providing that things actually do grow, I'll be able to cut any flower that I want, make massive bouquets, and reap the rewards of what is sure to be hard work getting things to grow.  I know that lots of flower folk go onto farming because they want a better product from a better source.  And that's partially true for me.  But I think the big motivator is mostly wanting to expand my creativity and have more freedom.

And I just want to bury my face in a bucket full of nigella.

We're also tossing around the idea of selling the flowers, not only to the shop I work at, but as a bouquet order service or some such.  Possibly wholesaling to Kimberton Whole Foods, but that's a big maybe, since we're not sure how successful the growing will be.  Every web source has said to forget about trying to grow lisianthks from seed, but I have four varieties that we're starting right around Valentine's Day.  So hopefully the web is wrong.

Related: I read this article this morning, and I think you all should too.  The best part:
"How generous are you willing to be? How generous are you willing to be with your whole life? Will you share yourself with us? With the world? Do you dare? Or are you just going to hold yourself tightly in, hold these long arms and legs all to yourself? 
"Are you just going to be stingy? Just keep yourself to yourself for the rest of your life? In case you fall? In case you fail? In case you make a fool of yourself? In case we see how imperfect you are? 
"OR: are you going to choose to just be generous anyway? To just take up as much space as you actually take up? To be as big, as graceful, as long, as gorgeous, as enormous as you actually are?"
Love and light,