I live inside my head and sometimes on my blog.

Does anyone else in blog-land struggle with that?  I am a big thinker.  Not necessarily big thoughts all the time, but I don't really turn off my mind, ever.  Chris especially loves this when I bring up big existential worries and life plans at 10pm on a weekday.

A consequence of living in my head and just thinking all the time, is that I don't really enjoy reiterating my thoughts to an audience on a blog.  I already thought all of the thoughts, and now I need to go over them again in text?  Sometimes it's too much to do again, and I can be selfish with keeping my thoughts all to myself sometimes.  But I also really enjoy being forthcoming, so here we are.

I've been busy.  Mostly with walking a dog as a side job, experiencing Valentine's Day at our busy retail flower shop, and taking one of our cats for a teeth cleaning.  Giving her an antibiotic for a pulled tooth 2x/day has been funny and interesting.  You can't say you've really lived until your cat drools out her medicine because she refuses to swallow it.

Philadelphia has been quite cold, along with the rest of the northeast.  Despite the cold and snow, we have germination of the lisianthus at my mother-in-law's house!  Starting from seed is not impossible.  We'll see how they do until we can plant into the garden.  But this is progress.

Enter Valentine's Day.

No, this is not apathy kicking in.  Working with the same wonderful ladies all the time, there are some funny things that happen - this client wanted whatever looked "nicest" (and what does that really even mean, to each person?), but in the midst of the busy-ness, it appears that we just don't care.  But we do - a really lovely bouquet was made and we cracked up noticing the order form.

All in all, a really successful Valentine's Day, with only the minor inconvenience of a broken heater.  Minor, as in I volunteered for any and all deliveries, because the van has a wonderful working AC system.  

Next post, I might be talking about something exciting that I'm planning for my Western PA/Pittsburgh folks.  I miss Allegheny County a lot.  Philadelphia is fine for now.  And I love Pennsylvania as a whole, but I really miss Pittsburgh all the time.  So, you may be hearing about that soon.  Or about another exciting business thing I'm cooking up.  Or maybe this:

Love and light,