New Offerings

I'm really excited about this bouquet.  The Saipua studio makes a pretty lovely background, doesn't it?  I enjoyed my time there last weekend for a class through Little Flower School.  

[If anyone wants to send me to the Master's Workshop in Upstate NY, please just buy me a ticket and let me know.  I'll probably just do your future wedding for free.  I'm completely serious about that exchange.]

So, new offerings.

I'm pleased and excited to announce that I'm available to take on small numbers of wedding and event clients for late 2015, and throughout 2016.  Since I'm still working at the flower shop, my time there takes priority for events, which is why I'm putting out the call now for late 2015.  2016 is still completely wide open.

I can't wait to talk to you!  I'd love to chat through email or over the phone to see if we could work together.  

To brighten your day, here are a few more shots of that delicious bouquet.  I'm looking forward to receiving the professional photos sometime soon.  Keep an eye out!

Love and light,