Merry Ostara, and Some Goals

Today is the first day of spring, and as I type these words, I'm watching some really light snow falling out the window.  Having a day off today is doing my heart a lot of good, as is the cup of coffee that I am leisurely consuming.  And the above image?  A picture from the class I recently attended at Saipua.  I was spoiled with some amazing product and creative energy.  I'm learning that it's not the flowers, it's what you actually do with them.  So I'm learning and having fun.  And wanting critique and practice.  

Goals.  There are things that I want to do and create and show the world.  In no particular order, with no particular time frame, here are some current goals.
  • Massive focal arrangements.  I want to make huge-ass arrangements in big urns.  Like something that makes people stop and just marvel, and then look closer to see the dozens of varieties of flower in it.  I want branches coming out of it, and vines trailing out of it to pool on the floor or down the stairs.  Let me at 'em.
  • Grow flowers.  The lisianthus we started inside has germinated and has been going strong for weeks now.  And most flower farmers just purchase the plugs?  Whatever.  If I can grow it in a living room, you can grow it in a greenhouse or hoophouse or something-house.  We're starting foxglove this weekend inside, possibly a few others.  We were planning on planting hellebore outside, plus nigella and lots of other fun stuff.  But the snow is putting a hold on that for now.
  • Try to get out of my head a little.  Communicating with people is difficult.  Especially when I come across as weirdly confident (possibly in a perceived lack of skill on the other end?) or blunt and forward (because I mean what I say and say what I mean - shouldn't everyone?).  But enjoying talking to others more is something I can stand to improve on.  I have thoughts and should share the productive ones.
  • Finalize dahlia purchases.  Give me money to spend on tubers please.
  • Continue to eat healthy food.  With the exception of the occasional doughnut, Chris and I historically eat really great food.  No falling off the wagon here.  But drinking more water would help.  
  • Make consistent deposits in my IRA.  I gained a ton of adult points by opening one for 2014, and lost a lot of money out of my checking account.  But I'm all for tax deductions, and for saving for retirement.  Win-win.  I want to invest in my future by contributing money weekly for 2015.  You should also probably start an IRA, because being financially responsible is attractive.
Happy Ostara!  And cheers to goals and keeping them, or changing them, or just learning from them.