Philadelphia Flower Show 2015

Philadelphia is the yearly host of the world-renowned and recognized Flower Show.  I've never attended before, largely because my previous job prevented me from enjoying life on weekends and otherwise impeded my functioning as a human being.  But also because I didn't exactly know what was available at the flower show to see and enjoy.

But I know way better now.  And am more functional.

My friend Tanti, owner of the floral and event design company Papertini, is a judge at the flower show this year, and is also exhibiting work there.  One of her employees, Caroline, and I were able to create the above piece together.  

This year the theme for the flower show is movies.  The intersection of movies and Hollywood with flowers and horticulture, which is interesting and really fun.  The movie that Caroline chose for us to portray was The Lord of the Rings - specifically Rivendell and Lothlorien.  The land of the Elves.  And we had a ton of fun creating a table with that setting in mind.

And one more for good measure.

Love and light,