The Class that Never Was?

I was thinking about hosting a flower class in Pittsburgh, and then didn't go through with setting it up at all.  Meaning, I still might host it, but don't know what the market for something like that would be.  If there's any interest at all, I still might host it.  Especially if it's even just held for people that I know and love, with people that they know and love.  Flowers among friends, for fun, sounds like the best thing ever.  Especially when I bring snacks and coffee as well.

No floral experience is needed.  That's how I started out.  Just playing around with flowers.  Some people in the industry really prickle when they hear the phrase "playing with flowers."  I can understand why.  Floral design isn't all play.  It's about being an artist, and working diligently, long hours, and having a backbone of steel in moment where your integrity and ideas are challenged.  But sometimes, you just need to play.  And it's ok to call it what it is.

Mason Jar Arrangement 101
Saturday, March 14, 2015
1pm to 3:30pm
Location: TBA
Cost: $65
Class includes a lovely purple Ball mason jar in which to make your arrangement.
Florals will be the most delicious domestic, Dutch, and Japanese imports.
The refreshments served will also be delicious, and edible.  
Flowers not recommended to be eaten.  Just admired.
To reserve your spot, please email
Minimum enrollment of 6.

And there you have it.  The class that may never happen.  But maybe it will.  And maybe I'll see you there.

If you have a question, fire away or email me at the above address.  I'd love to talk about it!

Love and light,