Little Flower School: Bouquet Intensive, February 2015

I braved a snowstorm two months ago to return home from Brooklyn.  Seriously.  It took 4.5 hours to make it back to Philadelphia, in some really crappy weather.  The drive up only took about 1.5 hours, and it is a really good thing that I had a full tank of gas.

Intimate flower arranging and coffee sipping occurred, as only five ladies, myself included, registered for the class.  Held at the Saipua studio in Red Hook, a wonderfully gorgeous day unfolded indoors as snow fell gently outside.  Sarah and Nicolette were wonderfully kind teachers, but didn't skimp on the constructive criticism in order to better our work.  Attending Little Flower School was a dream of mine for awhile, and I am pleased that I was able to attend a class with the instructors.  Ultimately, I would love to attend a private class with Sarah - I will be accepting donations to my continuing education fund on a rolling basis.

Choosing the color palette was actually my favorite part of this bouquet.  My ideal client is definitely flexible on color, because sometimes the most beautiful flowers available are not the color you're expecting.  The dark purple lace flower and the glowing pink ranunculus are not typically a combination in the shop that I work at, let alone pairing them with umbrella fern.

Fritillaria is one of the most interesting flowers that I've learned about in some time.  The petals have a checkerboard.  I mean, seriously.  That is interesting.

The side view.  Unf.

My second bouquet, after a delicious lunch and champagne, was way more challenging for me.

Having made a moody bouquet, I wanted to do something completely different.  But none of the foliage was speaking to me at all.  Odd, right.  I'm surrounded by abundant beauty in foliage form, and I don't like any of it at that moment.

So Nicolette said to just omit the foliage.  Her challenge to me was to make a bouquet without foliage, swirling color in way that variegated the bouquet from one color to the other.  

This bouquet would not have worked without the hyacinth.  See that it's both pink AND yellow?
And I should confess that I actually didn't want to use it.  I'm not used to hyacinth in bouquets.

But the hyacinth is necessary.