Today I switched a co-worker shifts, since her boyfriend's birthday is today, and her shift is 12-8.  So I had time to get an oil change in my car early today.  I came home and ate some avocado toast and thought about writing.

The above beauty is Kent's Beauty oregano, and I am absolutely and completely smitten with it.  I think I may have finally found myself as a flower.  It's always interesting what people think about themselves, and what others think about them - does it ever match up, or do we always see ourselves a bit differently then the rest of the world does?  This week I am flowering oregano and it just makes me really happy.

Fast forward to 6:30pm, because I lost track of time and am blogging at work now.  The poppy in the above photo lasted but a minute, but my goodness it was beautiful for a minute.

I just got some headshots back in my email from a finance workshop that I attended in Manhattan a few months ago.  I had short hair then, brand new short hair, so now I can use current photos for my website.  I'm happy about that - and that a really fabulous photographer was generous to donate her skills to take the portraits.

I have lots of thoughts in my head all the time, and am unsure of how to edit and write them in a way that is easy to receive online.  I want to talk about so many topics: local flowers, finance, client relations, how much I love flowers, freelancing experiences, and more.  Perhaps I'll just title different posts with each of those topics, and categorize from there by bullet point.  That may honestly be the easiest way.