Two Months

When we get too busy, we lose ourselves.

At the shop, wedding season hit us hard.  And we were ready!  We executed all of the weddings beautifully, and save for one set of overbearing, uncouth parents, our clients were wonderful.  Truly, they were.  When I mention to friends that I'm in the wedding industry, interacting with brides and their loved ones, I'm always asked for horror stories.  Luckily, I have very few to give, and many more funny stories and sentimental anecdotes.  I have lots of those.

We made wedding magic happen for two solid months in our busiest fall season yet - the busiest my boss has ever seen in her 10 years in the flower business.  I would tell you our numbers, but they're not mine to tell.  However, they are impressive and unprecedented for our tiny team.  

But out tiny team, however strong we may be, were run ragged this fall.  Myself absolutely included, if not me being the most outwardly broken up and exhausted and just simply OVER the busy-ness.  Not an effective attitude to take.  Things have improved greatly in the meantime.

We're slowing down, with less than 10 weddings left until a big one on New Year's Eve.  That one will be amazing, and I'm seriously looking forward to it.  But now that we've felt the slow down happen, and have ruminated on the fact that our fall was completely unsustainable to replicate, we're on the brink of some really awesome changes at the shop.  And I'm working on a lot of things in my head too.  I hope that I can be here more often - the slowing of work should help with that a bit.  I'm ready to find myself, and evolve into myself, more fully this season.