Just Hit "Send"

The littlest things are sometimes the biggest things.

I send a lot of emails.  The ones that I'm referencing today are the ones that are unsolicited greetings to people that I find fascinating, talented, or otherwise intriguing.  I send them to people that I want to be friends with, or just to say something kind to them.  

My reason for reaching out at all is is really just to establish contact with other folks who are possibly similar to myself in some way.  But I also send them out because in my mind, it's probably really fun to receive random friendly emails.  Getting a kind word out to others makes me smile, thinking of them reading it.  And usually, I think it does.  My internet friends (some of whom have become real-life friends) can speak to that.

So my message today is short.  Send the email.  Say hello.  Compliment the creator whose work you've been admiring.  Give someone a shout-out, especially when you think they need to hear it. Tell the colleague that they inspire you.  Say thank you.  Open the door.  Make someone's day.

You have nothing to lose.