Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Yesterday, I returned the keys and parking passes to the new property manager at our old apartment building.  We moved out a bit early, and have been in our new apartment for the past two weeks.  Today was the deadline to move out of the old apartment, so things worked out really perfectly for that timeline.  

Our new apartment kind of just fell into our lap.  I had been looking on Craigslist for weeks, and had come across tons of lovely places that were...not suitable for one reason or another.  We wanted to get out of Philadelphia, as the resident wage tax is obscenely high.  We also wanted to move a bit closer to Wilmington, as Chris works there and was unhappy with the long commute.  The apartment also had to be cat friendly - harder to find than I thought it would be.

Part of the problem in finding a new apartment was that I was looking too early.  Lots of places were great, but were available way too early for us, and we were not willing to pay rent on the old and new place concurrently for months and months.  Shame on me for being over-prepared in our plans!  


I contacted the man who posted the listing to what would be our new apartment just five hours after he created the listing.  We were not expecting to move to Lansdowne, but that is mostly because we didn't know anything about it.

After meeting the owner of the building and walking through the apartment, it was clear that it was the perfect choice for us.  Not only is the owner the kindest man, but he is incredibly handy and invested in the building.  He was in the process of making renovations to almost every single room in the apartment.  A new screen door to the fire escape, new windows, more outlets, new recessed lighting to the entry room and living room, a new light fixture in the kitchen, and more.

There's also a washer and dryer in the basement.  This is HUGE.  No need to ration quarters anymore.

Let the incomplete and impromptu tour commence!


We have slanted walls in each room (there is probably a name for this, architecturally) since we're on the third floor.  I kind of love it.

The high top breakfast set has been there for the past two tenants, and now, us.  We've really been enjoying the cute little nook in the kitchen.

I'm slowly adopting little styling techniques that I've seen other people execute so that I can make a really sweet home for us.  I'm pretty proud of thinking to hang my two hats above my closet.  Command hooks are great for renters.

Our couch was the most difficult piece of furniture to get up the stairs.  The beautiful railings on the narrow staircase mean that you have to hoist the furniture above the railing in order to turn corners.  And as you can see from the image of the staircase, there are lots of corners.

The fire escape door might be my favorite detail of the apartment.  It lets in the best breeze all day long, and really charms my socks off.

I'm thinking of trellising clematis on our fire escape.  My first choice was jasmine, but since we are in Pennsylvania, it won't overwinter.  But wouldn't that be gorgeous if it could?

That's the Rodin Museum - I'd move in tomorrow if they'd allow it.

But I have learned and noticed a few things from moving.  Going from a studio apartment to a one bedroom with den/large entry room/I'm-not-sure-what-to-call-it is really disorienting.  There are so many doors!  We are used to having a front door and a bathroom door (since our closet at the old place was a walk-through to the bathroom).  

I was also sleep deprived for about a week and a half from moving in.  New sounds, new temperatures, and anxious adjusting cats would wake me up each night.  But now, I'm sleeping through the night and it's much better.  Chris, on the other hand, has had no interruptions to his sleep schedule, the lucky son of a gun.

We also have a few items that we're going to be getting rid of, likely through Facebook first, then possibly Craigslist.  We;re also not interested in accumulating much more stuff.  We would like a nightstand for Chris, and a dining room table with chairs.  But other than that, we're very set with everything else.  Happily.