You can help!

I wanted to do a mini blog post today about a contest that I am entering, because I just might be lucky enough to need some help from my friends (and you folks that I don't actually know yet who just read my blog because...well, whatever your reason for being here, you could also help).

I will be making a bouquet this Friday on my day off to enter to win a scholarship to a two day flower crafting workshop in Atlanta, Georgia.  Amy Osaba Events hosts a transformational workshop each year for fellow flower nuts to attend to hone technique and learn new skills.  Historically, a scholarship opportunity has existed for each workshop.  For this third round, I will be entering!

I am especially excited about entering this contest because the main requirement for entry is that you must utilize locally grown flowers.  I went and chose my flowers on Wednesday morning, and am currently crafting (or, depending when you read this, have possibly created my bouquet).  My flower farmer is a pretty awesome lady!  Well, all of them are, but I obtained all of my floral material from one farm only.  And how amazing is that?!

Learning from other professionals is a big part of me.  I really love being a student, and I think that the way that other people work is fascinating.  And an education, in anything, is never wasted.  

But I may need some help.  The basic rules of the contest are that to enter, I must tag @amyosabaevents, and also tag the two contest hashtags: #LocalForAO and #AOFlowerWorkshop.  Those, I can do on my own!  

Should I be lucky enough to be one of the five chosen entries to make it to the final round, I need votes.  The voting begins on the @amyosabaevents handle at 8am on Friday, August 28th.  Only 10 hours after that, at 6pm, the winner will be determined based on the quantity of likes on the photo.

I'll keep you all posted.  But if you could, do me a favor and check out my Instagram account @alyssa_rainville, and the @amyosabaevents handle as well.  Hopefully you'll see me on both!