Fingers Crossed

On Friday, I mentioned that I would be working on my entry for Amy Osaba Events' scholarship contest.  After about 2.5 hours of working on my bouquet and photographing it at the shop (with a little help from a sweet coworker), I took it home and pondered my design.

Naturally, I made a few tiny changes after looking at all the photos we had taken.  Sometimes I find that photographing floral work is difficult, but really shows you where changes need to be made.  I hope that I gradually train my eye to see what changes need to be made before any photographing occurs.  I'll get there eventually.  But I digress.

Education always has value, and as a former teacher, I feel that I have truly seen instances of the transformative power that education can have.  Education can change lives.  The sharing of knowledge, freely given to others without expectation is a gift.

The main stipulation of the contest, to enter, is that the ingredients in the bouquet or arrangement must be local to you.  This made my heart really sing, because I've decided recently that a big part of my passion for flowers is preaching the gospel of local flowers.  The farmers I know are kick-ass and generate beautiful product, with a quality that I can't even begin to describe.  Not only are the flowers amazing, but the farmers are kind, supportive, and just as invested as we are in ensuring that community exists around the beauty.

Without further adieu, here she is!

Sources for my materials are as follows:

Jig-Bee Flowers: hyacinth bean vine, saucy wine salvia, wormwood, purple ruffle basil, Kent's beauty oregano, cafe au lait dahlia, double click cosmos, cherry caramel phlox, hidden dragon zinnias, and ammi - dara

Laughing Lady Flower Farm: physocarpus coppertina and a beautiful dahlia (that was almost a perfect sphere, with pink on one side fading to pale yellow on the other)

The Resource Exchange: At Cassie's recommendation, my mother and I took a jaunt here the other week, and I found boxes of ribbon to pull from.  I had lots of different choices for ribbon, but a friend at work helped me choose the beautiful rust color.  Not only are my flowers locally grown, but my ribbon is a repurposed craft material that I gave a new life to (if only for a day).  Resource sharing for the win!

If I am lucky enough to make it to the top five contenders for the scholarship seat, a public vote will occur on Friday, August 28th to determine the winner.  This also means that if I am in that array of five, my phone should be taken from me on Friday because I will be too excited, scared, overjoyed, and nervous to do productive things.  Well, maybe not.  My default is productive.  But I would be a bit distracted, wouldn't you?

Fingers crossed, you guys.  I've never been to Atlanta.  I'd like to go, especially for flowers.