5 hours of sun at minimum

Last week on a plant shopping trip at work, not only did we come back with a service van full of succulents, ivy, ferns, and one huge amazing croton, but we came back with the most beautiful bougainvillea that I've seen yet.  It's the variety Double Delight, I believe.  It's a little pink, more white, and ridiculously glow-y and dreamy.  I've tried to convince myself that it would thrive in our apartment, but there is not actually an area of the apartment that gets full sun for any amount of time.  Bougainvillea needs 5 hours of full sun at minimum if it's inside, but 6 hours is ideal.

I looked all over the internet trying to find some information that would say "Yes, Alyssa, go for it.  You'll be able to keep the bougainvillea despite less-than-ideal conditions", but I've finally come to terms that I can't have it.  But I did find the article below, and I really enjoyed reading it.

How my bougainvillea taught me to live with less

I've also been enjoying looking at vintage prints, photos, and catalogue snippets from the cut flower culture of decades past.