Peace on the Rocks

My mother in law lives on a really wonderful piece of land.  For those local to the Philadelphia region, it's off the beaten path once you get off of 422-West.  She and her husband, Tom, live in a house that was once the office for those who operated and worked at the quarry down their driveway.  If you get to digging on their land (and people have trespassed to do so), you'll find calcite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, and other minerals.

There are lots of interesting structures on the land, including a few outbuildings and a smelting tower.  The property is large, and there are garden vignettes tucked in all corners.  My mother in law, Kelly, always buys plants in the "adopt-a-plant" section of nurseries, and fits them into the land in the hopes that they'll grow strong.  Tom has fruit trees lining the left edge of the lawn, near the vegetable garden.  I can see him becoming an obsessive dahlia grower, he marvels at the blooms when I bring them over as a gift.

The space pictured above is a wide, cleared path that drops off steeply at the end.  If you look down over the edge, you can see more land that hasn't really been explored, but probably has a lot of great minerals.

Chris and I visited on Sunday, after I attended an herbalism workshop on all-purpose healing salves.  Similar to when I drink enough water and eat healthy food, I always feel more motivated and clear-headed when I work with herbs.  And it was a wonderful head space to be in to visit the land.  And I couldn't stop thinking of things I want to do there, people I want to bring there, and things I want to find and make.  In the spring, I harvested wild violet blossoms.  That has to be just the tip of the iceberg there.

Perhaps one day I will bring friends to this land.  I want to have a tent village and a campfire, and I want to eat food with friends here.  It doesn't hurt that Kelly and Tom (and Chris and I, for that matter) are all good cooks.  There are mushrooms to look at and paths in the forest to walk.