October: 10 of Pentacles

The final card in the suit of pentacles, and it’s almost difficult to see the illustration behind the pentacles on the card itself.  If the ten of each suit indicates completion or fullness, then the ten of pentacles is abundance upon abundance. 

Ten of Pentacles from my Rider/Waite/Smith deck.

Ten of Pentacles from my Rider/Waite/Smith deck.

When I drew this card for October, I was really excited about it.  This card depicts bustling activity, and the suit of pentacles relates to fullness and richness of the material realm.  This card also served as a bit of a gentle warning to me. 

My card for January was the Page of Pentacles, which I took to be the beginning of an internal journey through my relationship with finances, provision, and my home.  To see that the suit has been completed in October (not December, the end of the calendar year) stood out to me.  In regards to the calendar, this shows an early finishing.  It can be excellent to end a journey early – you really pushed forth and went for “it” full throttle.

And sometimes, you need to take a break because the striving and hustle becomes overwhelming, even if it’s exactly what you wanted, and even if you’re receiving lots of good results from the hustle.

This is where I’m at right now, and though I am enjoying some slight periods of rest, I want to make sure I’m also out enjoying what my hard work has afforded me to do.  I’m going to get a hair cut this week, which probably doesn’t seem like a luxury to some of you, but I haven’t had a professional cut my hair in about a year and a half.  This was partially by choice, but I would rather spend money on chiropractic care than hair care, since my ability to stand comfortably was more necessary than my aesthetics.  I’m also thinking about buying a new pair of jeans.  (At the time of publishing, I confirm the purchase of new jeans!  THANK YOU, LL Bean, for your dark wash, straight leg, not-too-tight-but-not-too-loose, conventional, un-trendy jeans.)

Chris and I are also going to go camping for Samhain this year with some of our closest friends – it’ll be his first time back at the land since 2009, mine since probably 2010 or 2011.  It’s time.