I'm feeling better.

I'm still angry and sad and unsure about what my words should be, but I'm feeling better.  

And then I think about the 50 people in this world that I love the most, and I feel a little bit sick inside.

I'm still sorting out some thoughts.  


I've decided that I need to start writing more, and telling people that they need to talk and possibly even write more as well.  I don't always want to talk.  I prefer living inside my head a great majority of the time, but then when I am frustrated, I'm reminded that it does not serve the world to contain myself or my thoughts.  So talk we must.

I'm going to start writing more about flowers, and Paganism, and herbalism, and tarot.  Probably also about other things too.  But I anticipate that the majority of your reading entertainment here will consist of those four things.  All four at once, wouldn't that be something?

Here's to being on the up-swing, so long as I can hold on.