Tarot Reading - Summer Solstice

On Sunday, I did a tarot reading from the Worts and Cunning blog called Bonfire Offerings: A Summer Solstice Tarot Spread.  This year’s solstice was coupled with a really intense full moon.  I had a lot of trouble sleeping on the nights leading closest to it, and then felt completely exhausted last night at its peak.  I’m not usually one to have sleep issues of any sort, so it’s been really challenging. 

In the tarot spread (which you can check out here if you want to try it yourself!) each card position corresponds to a different question or topic.  I personally liked the topics, but was not a fan of the layout.  I tend to prefer the simplest layouts possible for my tarot spreads, so I simply used two rows of four for the cards, with one through four across the top, and five through eight across the bottom row.


Card 1

Sunrise: Your source of abundant growth.

Card: XIX The Sun (Angelica)

My motivation and drive helps to propel me in the right direction.  It’s a positive feedback loop: the energy that I can put out for growth causes something to happen, which then in turn confirms my output and encourages me to continue the drive.  You could also say that I’m driven by results and tangible outcomes.

Card 2

Bonfire: What would/does let your light shine the brightest?

Card: XVIII The Moon (Lemon Balm)

When I’m delving into areas that are in the in-between.  Bringing out parts of myself that I’ve kept hidden is part of an important current transformation of self, and I feel like this card really validates how I’ve been feeling about myself recently.

Card 3

Sunset: What do you have to give?

Card: Ten of Swords (Ephedra)

A lot of fight.  Swords are the suit of intellect and mind and calculated, methodical actions.  Swords carry hurt and strife sometimes, because they are honest, just, and unbiased.  And the truth can hurt, even though it’s not personal.  For me, this card, as depressing and finite as it looks, doesn’t necessarily mean something horrific.  I tend to burn out mentally because I give my entire self to situations that I feel strongly about, and unfortunately, this always leads to a migraine and some sort of burnout.  So while this card means that I have the strength of mind to battle out until the bitter, bloody end, that it doesn’t mean I should do that to myself.  Noted.

Card 4

Summer Sun: Your strengths in relationships.

Card: XI Justice (Plantain)

I’m good at reading people to determine what that need from me, and either giving it to them or showing them (overtly or covertly, sometimes) how to give it to themselves.  A balance of understanding with action.

Card 5

Summer Shadow: My weaknesses in relationships.

Card: Three of Swords (Pleurisy root)

I am a soft-hearted mortal.  It can be really easy for other people to hurt me, despite my no-bullshit exterior.  I feel a lot and I feel intensely.  And a lot of small stressors and actions can lead to deeper damage over time.  I can still feel and I’m never down for the count for too long, but it makes it hard for me to continually be open to those people.

This has been happening a lot recently.  Sometimes, friends of mine can talk more than listen when I might need to be asked how I’m doing.  And sometimes, little judgments about my life decisions can make me pretty depressed, even if that wasn’t the person’s intention.  (Also, feeling like I need to justify choices to people who should support me, as friends.)  I’m not sure how to work on things like this, but it’s been on my mind for a bit.

Card 6

Sacred Herbs: My relationship to the green world (i.e. food, herbs, garden, flowers, etc.)

Card: Ace of Pentacles (Whole Grains)

What an appropriate card!  Aces are initial sparks, as the beginning of a suit.  And pentacles are of the earth and earthly, base concerns – harvests, growth, money, home, hearth, land.  This card is burgeoning growth and newness and potential.  Aces aren’t focused though, so we’re still in some baby stages here.  With my new-ish interest in herbs and herbalism, I’m feeling really satisfied with this card.

Card 7

Land Spirits: My relationship to the forces of the land.

Card: VIII Strength (Cayenne)

This really relates to the previous card for me. 

Card 8

Stirrings: What is awakening?

Card: XX Judgment (Goldenseal)

I’m still determining what I want my role in society to be, and which parts of society I want to have a role in.  This is something I’ll likely be projecting into the world as I write and think, and write and think…