Herbal happenings over the weekend.

Two jars are now infusing oil and herbs on the windowsill: a soothing blend of calendula, lemon balm, and wild violets, and an antibacterial blend of yarrow and thyme. 

My skin is always really dry, even in the heat of summer I usually have some dry patches on my face.  Calendula is a known skin soother, and it’s also very gentle.  Funny though, in most of my herbal guides, it is referred to by the name “pot marigold.”  I wasn’t aware of that name for it, and as a result, I didn’t notice any of the benefits of calendula earlier.  Luckily, one of my books has a layout where each herb’s encyclopedia-esque chapter has a list of aliases for each plant right away when you turn to their entry.  I chose lemon balm mostly for the scent.  I find the lemony scent relaxing, and I know a lot of others may as well.  The violets were gathered several months ago from my mother in law’s property, and in retrospect, I wish I had gathered a much larger quantity.  Violets have skin soothing properties as well as the calendula, but if I’m being honest, I am really just hoping that the blossoms will turn the oil purple as they infuse.  Fingers crossed!

The other infusion that I started is a potential Neosporin substitute or supplement.  After cutting my hand open at work with my clippers last month, and having a toenail procedure done at the podiatrist’s office several weeks ago, I used a lot of Neosporin and gauze over the course of a month.  Nothing wrong with using Neosporin though!  I was happy to have it at the ready in my medicine cabinet.  However, my interest was prompted by using it so much to try to make a similar version with plants from the garden. 

Clover is the guardian.  She's also enjoying the breeze through the screen window.

Clover is the guardian.  She's also enjoying the breeze through the screen window.

The herb in my garden with the most potent antiseptic qualities is thyme.  I am also infusing along with the thyme, yarrow.  As a traditional superficial wound treatment, I’m really excited to be using yarrow.  Once I actually make the balm, I’ll be adding a bit of tea tree oil as well.  Tea tree oil has always been a staple in our medicine cabinet.

In two to four weeks, I’ll make the cream and the ointment, and will hopefully have some small testers to give to friends for feedback.  Cheers!