Asking for a gift.

I’m not certain I’d even call it an “old adage,” but there is this idea that is older than me (but I’m not sure how old, or who started it), that a person is not to purchase their first tarot deck, but that it is to be a gift to them from someone else.

I purchased my first tarot deck at a Barnes and Noble when I was in sixth grade, after the holidays, with a gift card that a relative gave me.  So perhaps the deck that I first purchased for myself was technically a gift.  However, I just wanted to let you know that you don’t need to wait for someone to notice that you want something in order to have it for yourself. 

This applies to other things in life that are not tarot as well.

If you want to learn something, then buy the book, take the class, ask the question, and get out there!  Don’t let someone tell you that you must wait.

And it is totally awesome to gift tarot decks to your friends.  I highly recommend it.

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