A total and complete transformation.

The new moon was on July 4th, two nights ago.  I personally struggle to connect to the changes in the moon, and I’m not quite sure why that is.  I’ve loved the moon since college, where I met Chris and we spent many a night together stargazing in a gigantic open field behind what is now Penn State’s arboretum.  The struggle may be that I don’t necessarily notice the moon every night, or perhaps that I don’t devote the time to notice the moon each night. 

For my personal reference, the next new moon will be on Tuesday, August 2.  Coincidentally, that is our wedding anniversary, so it won’t be difficult to remember.  Giving myself a clear timeframe never hurts. 

On to the reading for this moon cycle.

Three cards, pulled from the Herbal Tarot.  Positions as follows:

1) What you need to let go of.

2) Why you need to let go of it.

3) What you have to look forward to.

My interpretation:

1) The Herbal Tarot is unique in several ways, one shown here: instead of the fifteenth card being “the Devil,” instead, we find Pan – the woodland satyr, a deity of fertility and the wild.  What I’m gathering from this card in this reading is that I need to let go of feeling that I need to behave or be seen in a particular way.  It’s not like Pan would censor his actions (to the point of detriment at times, I’m sure, but you get my point), and I certainly shouldn’t either.  Within reason, of course – not going to get too out of hand over here.  Just evolving comfortably.

2) I need to let go of such a tight control over myself and my expression in order to find a place of stability.  Temperance is about internal balance and grace.  Of course, balance is always shifting – certain pieces of ourselves are more suited for certain times, and this is where Temperance comes in.  Again, this is an evolution that I’m working with.

3) Death has been coming up over and over recently for me, whether it’s a daily card to focus on or a weekly forecast.  In tarot, Death is complete and total transformation.  Not at all a harbinger of doom or decay that we may traditionally associate with a bodily death, but the Death card is more of an omen of major change.  When seasons change, different things die to create space and to fertilize what is to come in the next season.  I truly love this card, which is a good thing, because I pull it often.  This card indicates that I have some life altering changes to look forward to, and the thing of that is that I may not recognize them when they happen.  But everything we do, and every reaction to the things that others do to us, has a million tiny string attached, which in turn pull other strings on existence.  What seems insignificant now may have more meaning in a month, six months, a year.

Grab a deck of tarot cards, and treat yourself to a reading.  Try this one, even – it’s not too late just because the new moon was two days ago.  Or just start slowly and draw one card each day to meditate on.  Start somewhere, and let me know how it goes for you.