"Insights Had While Harvesting Lisianthus"

My sweet friend Annie sent me an email a few weeks ago, and while I wanted to recap the main points of what she said here, I couldn't.  She works with Cassie at Jig-Bee Flower Farm here in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Her words say it best.  I asked her if I could share what she said to me, and with her permission, you can view her kind gift of words that made me cry.  I'm a crier.  If you weren't aware, stick around for awhile.  It comes up a lot.

Hello, my dear! 

So I was harvesting out that awesome rosanne brown and rosanne deep brown lisianthus for you today, and I found myself thinking, "This is so great that Alyssa is using this, because it looks great, and it's crazy to me that no one is ordering lisianthus from us anymore." I also thought about the arrangements that you were making for your friends and the selection that you had made today, and how sort of random the combination of lisianthus, dahlias, cosmos, and ruffled purple basil, etc., might look on paper to a designer - but having put them all together today, I had no doubt that you were going to come up with something organic and wonderful and wild. 

And then it sort of hit me. This is what I imagined working with designers would be like. That they would come to the garden and see what looks good and base their arrangements off of what was naturally occurring in the garden. As you know, I'm not a huge fan of the wedding industry, in large part because it demands a level of industrialization - that you decide "oh, cafe au laits should work," and then you order them and you expect to get exactly what you had in your head. But that's not what it's like for us on the local, organic, small batch farm level - some things are unpredictable. Like I thought I'd have a bumper batch of cafe au laits to harvest today but I didn't. But I did have some awesome lisianthus and peachy celosia. 

Basically what this made me realize is how grateful I am as a farmer to have someone like you to work with. Because the way you approached your design today really honored what we do and honors our garden. Because we try our best but we can't always predict that we'll have as many CAL's as someone wants, but we also can't predict that we'll still be having amazing lisianthus in September. So it's a give-and-take, and the fact that you based your order today on what you saw in the field, made me really happy and glad to be doing this.