September: the Knight of Swords

September is here.  Finally a chill to the air, and a less dense atmosphere of our third floor apartment.  Breathing is a bit easier, as is dressing comfortably.  Read: I love layers.

The Knight of Swords is here for September.  If you’re not familiar with tarot, let’s have a short de-briefing on the structure of a tarot deck.

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck.  Tarot cards are split into two sections: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana consists of twenty-two cards, starting with card 0 (The Fool) and ending with card 21 (The World).  The Major Arcana tells a story and shows a natural progression of the Fool’s journey and the things gained or learned along the way.  The Major Arcana cards represent thematic ideas and life-changing events or milestones.  Major Arcana cards can also indicate long-term effects within a reading, or instances that are particularly weighty. 

The remaining fifty-six cards in the deck are the Minor Arcana.  The Minor Arcana cards tend to represent more temporary influences than the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana also seems to appear more in day-to-day life than the Major Arcana themes.  The Minor Arcana is comprised of four different suits: swords, wands, cups, and pentacles, and each is associated with a different element.  Each of the four suits read similarly to decks of traditional playing cards, with aces through ten, and then the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King).  There are many different variations across decks with the Minor Arcana symbols and imagery.  One example: wands are sometimes staffs, and in other decks, pentacles may be represented by coins.

Each suit in the Minor Arcana is representative of a different element and different ideas.  My favorite suit is swords.  Most people do not like swords as much as I do.

(Blog post about each suit?  Perhaps I shall.)

Onto the Knight of Swords.

Swords are associated with the element of air, and notions of intellect, the mind, intellect, power, and rational thought.  Swords can cut ruthlessly, or deliver justice. 

I’m a Libra, which is an air sign, so I feel an affinity for Swords because of that already.  Also, my favorite tarot card is the Queen of Swords.  But this is about the Knight of Swords.

There is some hierarchy to the court cards of tarot, and sometimes they represent actual people in your life.  For me, the court cards tend to represent areas of my personality, or possibly even personalities that I might encounter.

In this reading, I believe that the Knight of Swords is showing up as a facet of my own personality, or a way that I might need to behave.  However, this Knight can sometimes be a caution card.  I used my Rider/Waite/Smith deck for the Year Ahead reading way back when.  Pictured on the card is the knight on their white horse.  The knight is outfitted with armor and wielding a sword above their head, riding wildly into the fray.  The landscape is barren and looks almost like a desert.

There is no stopping this rider – they are confident and are ambitious, going towards their mission.  However, the knight doesn’t have their helmet on properly – their face is exposed and unprotected.  This knight may be rushing into something without fully thinking about their actions, so this card may be cautioning towards a more balanced approach.  It’s ok to be ambitious and pursue your goals with decisive action, but it’s also really important to make sure you don’t have tunnel vision.

For September, I’ve already had more than one important discussion regarding my path and the future.  The sense that significant growth is on the horizon has been apparent for about a week or so, and I feel that I am ready for this transition.  However, the balanced approach of pursuing the outer goals, while refining my inner self, is what I think I’ll be working on.  The suit of swords, and its association with the element of air, indicates the intellectual side of my personality, and I feel that this awareness and metacognition will be important to the next month or so as well.  I’ll be having a bit more space for critical thought and personal development in the upcoming months, so this card is in line with what I anticipated my outlook would be.